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Reconnecting with my first love of watercolour in the past few years, I've begun an exploration into the language of this extraordinary medium. By working minute pattern into fluid mark, I've been able to create work that vibrates with colour, and invites the viewer to plunge into an ever more minute encounter with each painting

The fruit of this process forms the bulk of my solo exhibition at the Open Eye GalleryEdinburgh in May 2023. Read Duncan Macmillan's four-star review in the Scotsman.

In addition, another product of this experimentation now graces the (virtual) walls of the on-line portion of the RSA Annual Exhibition 2023.

The principal thrill in my life at the moment is our long-planned project to relocate to Clermont Ferrand in central France. Apart from any other other rejuvenating effects, this will give me a chance to get my brushes into a whole new creative chapter in my art. Watch this space...

I am also still offering classes. A programme is available through the Edinburgh Drawing School.

Finally, I have been creating a set of step-by-step lessons to be shared on line. For further details, see the courses page above. Should you be interested, please feel free to contact me with any questions.




And sent forth their fragrance, (Clermont Ferrand)

Watercolour on paper  - 48 x 66 cm - 2022