Artist's statement:

...we can never get at the nature of things from without. However much we may investigate, we obtain nothing but images and names.

Schopenhauer, the World as Will and Representation.

David Forster's intensely wrought landscape paintings refer to the traditions of the 18th and 19th centuries. Though the scenes depicted are topographically correct, light and colour are altered to create a fictionalised reality, that nonetheless conveys the authority of photo realist document.

By referring to older artistic traditions, the inheritance of narrative and emotional associations with landscape is evoked. However, at the core of the work is the idea of paradox, the contradictory, pairing of ideas. This notion is emphasised through the adjustments made by the artist to the scene.

Thus the work presents the industrialised wilderness of farmland, the well-trodden solitude of the British uplands , or the tame sublime of the country park. In this way the importance of a romantic narrative of landscape is explored, one that tenaciously survives the knowledge of a more prosaic reality.


David Forster SSA RSW: CV

Group Exhibitions
1987-1992 Summer and Winter shows, St James’s Gallery, Bath
1991,1992 Singer and Friedlander exhibition, Mall galleries, London
1991 “The Natural View”, Cutlers exchange, London
1992 Goldberg Art, Argyll Street, London
1993 Happening Gallery, Bristol
1994 “Série Noire”, Galerie le Bateau-Lavoir, Grenoble, France
1998 Compass Gallery, Glasgow
1999 Compass Gallery, Glasgow
2000 ARC, London
2000 Society of Scottish Artists, Edinburgh
2000 Aberdeen Artist’s Society
2000 ABC at Edinburgh College of Art
2001 Royal Society of Scottish Painters in Watercolour (RSW)
2003 Royal Society of Scottish Painters in Watercolour (RSW)
2004 Royal Scottish Academy (RSA)
2005 Singer and Friedlander/Sunday Times, Mall Galleries, London
2005 Lynn Painter-Stainer Exhibition, Painters Hall, London
2000,2009 Aberdeen Artists'Society, Aberdeen
2006-2016 Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour, Edinburgh (RSW)
2004, 2009-2016 Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh (RSA)
2009-2014 The Sunday Times watercolour competition, London
2009-2010 Lynn Painter-Stainer Exhbition, Painter's Hall, London
2006-2016 Society of Scottish Artists, Edinburgh (SSA)
2011-2012 Visual Arts Scotland, Edinburgh (VAS)
2012 City Art Centre, Edinburgh: "Art and the Garden"
2014 City Art Centre, Edinburgh: "Scottish Art: People, Places, Ideas"
2016 The Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh: "On a Small Scale"
2017 The Rendez-Vous Gallery, Aberdeen: "The Four Seasons"
2017 The Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh: "On a Small Scale"
Solo Exhibitions
1994 Bibliothèque Municipale, Grenoble, France
1995 Galerie le Bateau-Lavoir, Grenoble, France
1997 Galerie le Bateau-Lavoir, Grenoble, France
1997 Musée Jadis, Allevard-les-Bains, France
1999 Patriothall WASPS, Edinburgh
2000 Institut Français d’Ecosse, Edinburgh
2001 The Reynolds Gallery, Edinburgh
2002 The Collective Gallery, Project Room , Edinburgh
2002 Cossachok Gallery, Glasgow 
2005 Merz Gallery, Edinburgh
2007 The Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh
2009 The Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh
2013 The Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh
2014 Rebecca Hossack Gallery, Charlotte Street, London
2015 East Kilbride Arts Centre Gallery
2016 The Rendez-Vous Gallery, Aberdeen
2001 John Grey Award, Royal Scottish society of Painters in Watercolour
2003 Edinburgh Arts Club Award, Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour
2005 Singer and Friedlander Sunday Times Watercolour Competition, 2nd prize
2011 Russell Trust Award, Visual Arts Scotland
2013 Sunday Times Watercolour Competition, 1st prize
2014 Ramsay Cornish Prize Society of Scottish Artists
2015 The Rendez-Vous Gallery Artist in Residence
2017 The RSW Fabriano Award
Principal Collections
Abbey National Building Society, Bath
Theatre Royal, Bath
Bath Dean and Chapter for George Carey
Wheelabrator Headquarters, Allevard-les-Bains, France
City Arts Centre, Edinburgh
Le Dauphiné Libéré, July 1995
Le Dauphiné Libéré, April 1997
Les Affiches de Grenoble et du Dauphiné, April 1997
Frank Pavlov, Divers Cités, Supplément Culturel, March/April 1997
Scotsman, Critic’s choice, Neil Cameron 16 October 2001
Preview, Art Review, Elizabeth Mahoney, Feb, March, 2002
Sunday Herald, Catriona Black, 25 April 2004 
Edinburgh Evening News, 22 April 2004
Sunday Times, 04 September 2005
The Scotsman, Critic’s choice, Duncan Macmillan, 6 December 2012
The Scotsman, Critic’s choice, Duncan Macmillan, 28 February 2013
Sunday Times, Culture magazine, 25 August 2013
The Artist magazine, April 2014
Pratique des Arts - hors-série acrylique - 27 October 2017