Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
Explore the techniques, and expressive joys of landscape watercolour painting. This ten-week course will use artist demonstration and individual guidance to help each student to a more confident handling of this fascinating medium. Lessons will cover techniques in the studio, but where conditions are suitable the students will have the chance to work outside in the Garden.
You can find details in the Education Brochure page 23.
Short Courses
24 September - 3 December 2018
Leith Academy (Edinburgh Council Adult Education)
24 September - 3 December 2018
Monday 7:00pm-9:00pm: Watercolour - Improvers
27 January - 19 March 2019
Monday 7:00pm-9:00pm: Watercolour - Improvers
Edinburgh Drawing School
Autumn term
20 September - 29 November 2018
Winter term
14 January - 31 March 2019
National Galleries of Scotland
25-26 August 2018 : workshop based on the "Emil Nolde | colour is Life" exhibition (10:30am - 4pm)
29-30 September 2018 : workshop based on the "Rembrandt | Britain's Discovery of the Master" exhibition (10:30am - 4pm) - sold out