Latest news

Having exhibited a piece in the combined Open-SSA and VAS Together 2019 and two pieces in the RSW Open 2019, both exhibitions ending in January this year, I am now, as so many, effectively homebound by the Coronavirus.

I am using the seclusion to develop a body of new ideas, which with luck, will see the light of day at my next solo exhibition at the Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh in October 2020. Until then, you can see some of my work featured in their On A Small Scale exhibitions.

As I can no longer share the joy of watercolour directly with students, I have been creating a set of step-by-step lessons to be shared on line. Should you be interested, please feel free to contact me through the tab above.

Keep safe!

In January 2018, the work on the right won the Glasgow Arts Club Prize at the Open-SSA and VAS Together 2018 and the W.Gordon Smith and Mrs Jay Gordonsmith Award at the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour (RSW).



Here too she found shelter from the storm (Fabriano, Italy)

Acrylic on paper  - 48 x 66 cm - 2017

Winner of the W.Gordon Smith and Mrs Jay Gordonsmith Award at the RSW Open 2018